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Tires 2 Energy LLCTeaser Technology can also process Waste Plastics

FACT: As of the latest estimates, there are approximately 1.5 billion waste tires generated globally each year. These waste tires pose significant environmental and health challenges if not managed properly.

SOLUTION: Tires 2 Energy LLC (T2E) is a duplicatable Business Model that will process “end of life” (ELT) waste tires into valuable products and excellent return on investment with Pyrolysis Technology that doesn’t harm the Environment.

The Pyrolysis Technology T2e operates comes from Europe and has been permitted and commercially operating successfully for over 6 years.  Pyrolysis is a method whereas the combustion process, known as tire pyrolysis, involves heating the tire or scraps at an extremely high temperature in order to ensure the molecular breakdown of the tire, resulting in Pyrolysis Oil and Carbon Black and no pollutants in the environment as it is a closed-loop process.

PRODUCT USES: Pyrolysis Oil makes an excellent low sulfur Heating Oil straight from the process and the Carbon Black with one screen process from the Reactors makes Carbon Black N330 which is used back in new tire production, rubber fan belts, hoses and color pigment black in plastics and only naming a few uses.

BUSINESS MODEL: T2E “Showcase” in Bentonville, Arkansas is the start of Introducing our Solution of ELT in the United States and World.  The location was selected in part by the headquarters of Walmart, JB Hunt Trucking and Tyson Foods all having 1000’s of truck waste tires plus their sustainability policy of wanting “Circular Economy” that recycles and reuse their waste into a beneficial use.

The “Showcase” Plant will serve as the Business Model and depending on the amount of waste tires per day that can be collected or delivered within the transportation distance will dictate the number of Reactors needed for that Facility site.  6O metric tons per day returns good ROI but 120 metric tons is outstanding, and the amount depends on distance from waste tire supplies and T2E Facilities.

TRANSPORTATION:  In general, the economic distance to haul waste tires for processing to their end of life varies but is often considered within a radius that minimizes transportation costs while still accessing appropriate recycling facilities or end markets. Local conditions and infrastructure heavily influence what is considered economically viable in each specific case.  T2E utilizes 300 miles (480 km) as its norm for waste tire area.

                                                                                      T2E Facility concept Springdale, Arkansas

STRATEGY: As mentioned T2E is very familiar with the Walmart Corporation, and they have a particular need for ELT waste tires at their 2500 Superstores that have Auto Service Facilities throughout the different Regions in the United States for example Texas has 500 Superstores. 

The “Showcase” Facility will be an excellent presentation for Walmart of what we can do and how the process works.

T2E will build a series of ELT Plants throughout the Regions of Walmart Superstores to be able to process their waste tires plus we can use current haulers to deliver the waste tires to T2E ELT Facility. The first phase of the Walmart plan would be to duplicate the “Showcase” which means 120 ton per day of ELT waste tires and use the distance rule which would comprise of many Walmart Superstores with one T2E Facility.

Another opportunity is at Liberty Tire, Saltillo, Mississippi where they have offered T2E 120 tpd of scrape (waste tires cut into 4”X12” (10X30 cm) free and we only need to pick-up plus we have located a good location next door to Liberty to build our T2E Facility. 

Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia have many of the same opportunities as described above and we would use our same business model throughout the World with adjustments to fit local requirements.

T2E can  provide financials, feasibility studies, and a business plan for your review so please contact us or our Agents to learn more.

CEO Richard Stone

Visiting “Bucky” Dome at Crystal Bridges, Bentonville, Arkansas 10/15/23

New EEFC Corporate Office in Bentonville.

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