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United Kingdom

Dr Smarajit Roy, Ph.D (Brunel Univ-UK), M.Tech (Brunel Univ.-UK)

Director of EEFC – London, England

Director of Operation, City Wastes Bioenergy Solutions

42 Pymers Mead, London SE21 8NH.
Tel: +44208 670 6576.
Mob: +447881 592656
Dr Roy is the founder and Chairman of City Wastes Bio-energy Solutions Limited and is a visionary entrepreneur. He is trustee and Director of 8 voluntary organizations based in UK. Dr Roy was an elected councillor at London Borough of Islington. He has over 30 years of industry experience in UK Industries including 20 years at Ford Motor Company Dagenham as a manager in the Power Plant Operation division.

During the last two years Dr Roy has built up a management team of 30 very highly qualified Engineers, Scientists and business Management personnel. Their knowledge and interest in the field of new energy sources and uses of generating energy wastes is unique among any small companies in the world. The team’s expertise extends to producing non-food energy crops in marginal arid lands where no food grains can be grown. He is now acting as consultant to African Governments at Somalia, Ethiopia, Liberia and Equatorial Guiana advising consulting in the fields of Affordable Housing, Dredging of Rivers and Sea-banks, Mining Exploration, Water and Wastewater purification.