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South Korea

Mr. Wonbeck “Lloyd” Lee
Chairman / CEO
94 St, Gangnamsur-Ro,
Geehung-Gu, Yongin-City,
Gyunggi-Province, Republic of Korea.
Phone Number : Bus : 82-31-305-7519
Mobile : 82-10-3030-8544

USA Address:


1855 North 1st. Street

Dixon, California 95620 USA

+1 (415) 828-9930


Mr. Wonbeck Lee, Chairman of POLESTAR and Chairman of EEFC ASIA, leads a team of experts in the field of developing renewable energy projects in South Korea, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, and other South East Countries.
Currently the Waste to Energy Project GangJin is being started with a newly formed SPC, with POSCO Engineering as the EPC Contractor and MOS Facilities providing automotive control systems plus Equity Investment.The Pipeline for Korea has developed over 10 Municipalities that would like to have a Waste to Energy Program within their City.Wind and Solar PV Projects are also being developed throughout Korea and a newly devised program to offer Leasing of Solar PV makes it very attractive to do projects with Companies that can provide large roof-tops to set-up Solar to produce Electricity.

Currently as of April 2017 POLESTAR/EEFC is working with new Technology of LT that will use different types of Waste and convert into Electricity, Pure Water and Fuels.  More information will be posted soon.


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