Stonetek Energy Pvt Ltd is an Indian “Make in India” Company and is based out of Environmental Energy & Finance Corporation (EEFC) headquartered in United States. Stonetek Energy will use low grade coal and use a  Gasifier that is designed and engineered to use this type of feedstock and produce Syngas that replaces other more expensive feedstock to produce Urea. “Make in India” is a special incentive program that is to promote FDI in India and this is a Mega Project that will qualify for additional benefits.

Major Government Approvals:

Signed MOU with State of Maharashtra, approved by Ministers Gadkari and Ahir, final meetings with Coal Minister for coal linkage to project-site and Minister of Fertilizer for Purchase Order from DOF/GOI and single window construction and permitting approvals from the Principal Secretary (Industries) Mr. Chandra.

Project Description: 

Stonetek Energy is a Developer / Owner of Coal to Urea Plants “Make in India” and is in the final stages of Development that will use low grade India coal as feedstock to produce clean Syngas through a series of best in class clean-up  that will used to make ammonia and then passed on to make top quality urea.


Gasifier specialty designed to use India’s low grade coal to produce Syngas where it will be cleaned and used in the Haber process combines nitrogen from the air with hydrogen derived mainly from Syngas (methane) into ammonia. The Synthetic urea is created from synthetic ammonia and carbon dioxide and can be produced as a liquid or a solid. All the components will be best in class and proven technologies designed, engineered and constructed by experience and World EPC Contractor.

Purchase Order / off takers contract:

STONETEK Plant will produce per year 1.2 million metric tons of Urea and DOF/GOI will sign a 25 year Purchase Order to purchase at $275.00 USD per metric ton and this price includes all cost of converting coal to Urea.  The value of the contract is at $8.25bn USD.

The overall concept and requirements:

  1. A 1.2 million MT Coal to Urea Plant will be constructed in the State of Maharashtra at Bhadravati and will use the ‘Make in India’ Program.
  2. Cost of Urea conversion cost $275 metric ton at a fixed price for coal over the life of contract.
  3. Purchase Order for 25 years.
  4. Coal is based on 4000 MT per day delivered to the Plant Site.
  5. Department of Coal in Maharashtra will have direct linkage to the Plant
  6. Land 1540 acres within the SPV with free and clear use for 95 years
  7. Electricity (power grid) is on the Project Site
  8. Water supplied from large year around river close by
  9. Environmental, Construction, Zoning Permits will be ‘Fast Track’ method with all different departments in agreement.  Currently Government of India is preparing buy-back agreement and coal linkage agreement and set Government Policy for coal to Fertilizer and coal to methanol.