CEO Message


Environmental Energy & Finance Corporation (EEFC) develops Renewable Energy and Power Projects with best in class technology.  Projects have to be developed to the point of Project Financing and this is where EEFC has the expertise.

EEFC develops Renewable Energy Projects by partnering companies with the funding and technology resources necessary to see their projects through to completion and beyond.

In much of the world, a massive infrastructure deficit exists including in the electric power sector. As a result, in many parts of the world today energy is extremely expensive and unreliable, and in many cases access is non-existent.

We look to develop businesses that offer the proverbial “win-win” solutions for customers that range from manufacturing and industrial users, to entire countries. We seek to develop businesses that simultaneously lower a consumer’s energy costs while increasing the quality and reliability of the energy supplied. In most of the markets where we are active, we also substantially improve the environmental profile (including CO2 emissions) of the country’s energy use. Our projects increase reliability and efficiency, use local resources and/or utilize innovative clean technologies.

Our strategic focus is upon high-growth, under-served markets and innovative niches within developed markets around the world. Our experienced team works closely with clients, governments, regulators, and financial institutions to develop pioneer projects that improve the businesses and communities that we serve. Our engineering team boasts experience in a variety of generation technologies, including:

Wind Tower Perspective

• solar
• wind
• waste to fuel
• waste to energy
• hydroelectric
• cogeneration
• biomass
• coal
• natural gas

The freedom of greater flexibility

The growing need to produce cleaner, smarter and more efficient energy than prior years puts power producers in a complex and challenging position. They require flexible technology to effectively and profitably navigate a diverse energy landscape. EEFC is responding with a new standard that delivers immediate and long-term value.
The environmental implications are exciting. But, finding the right technological balance, to ensure the viability of these abundant resources, is a challenge that requires innovation.

Key Benefits of Flexible Operation

• Reduced annual operating costs resulting in efficient operation across a broad range of operating conditions including start-up and part load operation
• Improved plant revenue with the ability to rapidly respond to and capture price spikes
• Increased ancillary services revenue
• Decreased risk through improved starting reliability
• Ability to run at lower loads while maintaining emissions guarantees

Measuring Profitability

EEFC believes power producers, owners and operators can generate electricity more cost effectively if they include flexibility and efficiency considerations in their evaluation models.

Solar Field

EEFC develops projects that use:

1. Waste to Energy
2. Waste to Fuel
3. Coal to Energy of Electricity and Natural Gas
4. Wind
5. Solar PV in large farms and roof-tops
6. Hydro

We also strive to develop primarily “glocal” products and services, or those that are developed and distributed globally, but also made to accommodate consumers in the local market. This means that most of our products and services are tailored to conform with local laws, customs and/or consumer preferences, and therefore of much greater interest to the end user.

I welcome the opportunity to discuss how EEFC can assist you in realizing your renewable energy enterprises.

Richard H. Stone

Chairman / CEO